14 Days of Caring

                                  14 Days Of Caring


Trina Joa with PARTNERS Family Services (left) with our tree winner Wendy Numedahl (right)

PARTNERS Family Services along with Misty Gardens is launching the 14 Days of Caring campaign to celebrate those in the community who have helped along the way. Through out the campaign we are asking community members to nominate those in their lives who have done something big or small to make life just a little easier. 
To fit with our mandate of Caring for People/Bridging Resources/Building Hope we are looking for individuals who have went that extra step to help someone in need. There will be 7 separate draws for individual tree ornaments from the nominations and on the final day we will draw for the entire tree. One lucky helper in our community will own a beautiful, fully decorated Christmas Tree just because they care.
What a great way to say thank you!


The Winner of the Fully decorated Christmas Tree

Wendy Numedahl

Taking my daughter to and from playschool. Without you she would not be able to attend! Thank you to the thoughtful and generous group of moms!

Our Daily Ornament Winners:

Susan Dunne
Susan does so much for her community! She volunteers with the Kinettes, as well as helps with auctions at St. Augustine Church and the Festival of Wreaths. Each year she organizes a team for the Have a Heart Run in memory of her late aunt and has raised a huge amount of money for the Hospital Foundation. A true advocate for Humboldt and the events it puts on, she is always sharing something that is going on in Humboldt on Facebook. Susan cares about everyone and is truly deserving of this award!

Tyler and Trinity Stumborg

They helped a single mom and her daughter who needed a place to stay. They provided them a place to stay, fed them, gave them clothing, funds and helped them find programs to get them back on their feet. They are also ready to help their older neighbors who are widowed with yard or household chores. They use their home for graduation dress program where girls who can’t afford dresses can hopefully find something to wear. The program was started by Trinity with dresses donated by members of the community any that are to out of date are donated to the Saskatchewan angel dress program. Tyler works hard to support and take care of his wife who struggles with health issues that can keep her in bed for days at a time.

Chris and Fanessa Greenslade

Vanessa helps with the First Humboldt Girl Guides
Vanessa takes care of me
Cris takes the mice out of the garage
they are really nice

Corrine Dale

Gave a piece of her liver to a child in need.

Sandra and Tim Reich

They help me out with childcare, with fixing my BBQ, with problems with my house, they are emotional supports and all around good folks who have had a really tough go in the last year with surgeries and unemployment.

Erin Perrot

Taking my daughter to and from playschool. Without you she would not be able to attend! Thank you to the thoughtful and generous group of moms!