Community Outreach


PARTNERS Family Services provides support, services and referrals to individuals and families in Humboldt, SK, and communities within a 100km radius. The Community Outreach Initiative will increase PARTNERS Family Services’ ability to reach individuals and families in rural communities within our service area. PARTNERS Family Services currently offers services in the areas of referrals, crisis intervention, supportive listening and advocacy services in Humboldt, SK on a full time basis through funding from the Ministry of Justice. However, due to funding constraints, our organization’s ability to reach communities in our outlying areas is limited at this time, even though we have been able to determine a need in these communities. The through Cocif&pfs logommunity Outreach Initiative, an outreach worker will be working in the community Wynyard, SK one day per week to work with individuals and families who require assistance in accessing government and community resources such as housing, parenting support, crisis intervention, referrals in the areas of addictions and mental health and advocacy services as required. Having a worker available in these communities will allow PARTNERS Family Services to connect with residents in the communities in which they live and reduce barriers to services for individuals living in rural communities. Additionally, the outreach worker will also be available to deliver workshops and presentations in the areas of healthy relationships, bullying presentations, addictions, elder’s abuse awareness and other topics that are identified as needed in the communities.



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Wynyard, Saskatchewan

Location: 210 Avenue B East, Wynyard, SK

Hours of Operation: Thursdays- 10:00am-4:00pm



Emily and Kathy


Emily Britz,

Programs Manager