Triple P Parenting

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Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is offered  to ANY and ALL families with children ages 0-12 that would like to take it. Triple P is an evidenced base program that has various levels for parents that will adapt to the needs of each individual family. Seminars, discussion groups, one on one programming and a more intensive group program can be offered. Partners has 2 trained practitioners, who are available to offer programming as the needs of the parents/caregivers in Humboldt and surrounding communities come forth. This program focuses on practical strategies to help you confidently manage your children’s behaviors.  It prevents problems from developing and focuses on building strong and healthy relationships between you and your children.


Primary Care:

  • This is a 4 week program that deals with parents on a one-on-one basis. This program focuses on dealing with a specific behavior with the child or the parent.

  • There are monitoring tools available to help keep track of what is happening and how often. This gives the parents a chance to see what is happening, why it is happening and helps them come up with strategies to help work it out.

  • This program is on-going please see contact information below.

Discussion Groups:

  • There are 4 topics available for is program. They are:

    • Dealing with Disobedience

    • Managing Fighting and Aggression

    • Hassle-free Shopping

    • Developing Good Bedtime Routines

    • This is a 2 hour session dealing with one of the 4 topics giving tools and strategies to make these everyday families more confident to deal with these challenges.

Group Program:

  • This is an in-depth program that gets into the nitty gritty of parenting. It is an 8 week program that requires a large commitment but is definitely worth it.

  • With this being a group program, this allows parents to meet together and see that they are not along with the struggles they are having at home. Not only do the parents bring home many tools and strategies to be more of a confident parent, but also allows them to learn from other parents and glean from their experiences.


  • This program deals with a larger group of people. This is for the parents that things are going pretty good at home, but there is just that one little thing that they could really use a new tip to help things run just a little more smoothly.

  • This program is the light touch program, but still just as important. There are 3 seminars available that could be run as a series or as individual sessions.  They are:

    • Power of Positive Parenting

    • Raising Competent Confident Children

    • Raising Resilient Children

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